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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unexpected Pleasant Experience:SLEEP!

Nobody, I mean no one here who knows me expected THAT this morning. That being me in bed until nearly 8 am. I was up and going at 6am and that alone is 2-3 hrs or so later then I typically get up in the morning. I was tired...bone weary and really hurting. K-Sue and I lugged rocks out in the lake to re-build the stone retaining wall that holds a rather large lakeside garden. It wasn't a ton of stone work (maybe 3/4 of a ton, lol!) but like most projects it became a bigger deal and more work as we proceeded. We also laid mulch so the gardens are done for the year...

I had an 11a Doc appointment which I was looking forward too because of the hormone therapy I've been on and had issues with lately. Well I was almost to the parking lot when I got a call cancelling the appointment so what were we to do now? We got a few things done in down, Then we met some friends for awhile, hung out and then came home.
I was disappointed because I really need to see the doc about this new hormone therapy I'm on for my I'll re-schedule hopefully next week. Doc Chrissy is pregnant and having some troubles so I wish the best for her and her husband, Chad...also a Doc in his own rite.

I'm keeping this short today because I want to just quiet down a little bit and quietly relax so SSSSHHHH...that is what I'm gonna do!