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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Took A Stab At It!

Oh yea...a late night post. Lately when I have tried to post late I get so overly tired that I have difficulty finishing sentences. Well let's see what happens, shall we.....

I do NOT have anything pressing at the crack of "Pre-Dawn" tomorrow which probably means I'll be up at 3:30a like I was this morning. I am going out to play golf on the Island Course again tomorrow with my father. We did Monday as had to be a pretty funny sight, two guys that can barely walk playing golf together. Of course we ride but that's only because neither one of us would be able to get past the first whole hole, haha.

I just realized that I am not in any shape to be posting. It's taken me like a half an hour to post this much...I'm just too tired. I am going to post it as is though. It just shows how stubborn I can be. I was determined to post, it almost felt like I HAD to do it...weird.

So I am signing off for the night....