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Sunday, July 24, 2011

St. Everywhere Cathedral

15 years or so ago, I worked with a guy who used to describe going to sit out in his tree-stand in the woods to Bow-Hunt as "going to church". I used to think that was quite clever...I saw some real common sense in that the description and I thought it a cool way of looking at things. His wife went to church, I suspect mainly as an obligation (This was ultra-conservative, Christian-Reformed orientated Zeeland, MI)and I don't believe that he attended church regularly. I KNOW he did not go on Sunday's during the hunting season!

But the notion of being in the woods, all alone, before sunrise...just you, nature and God...that concept still appeals. The woods, the very forest itself was the Cathedral, the Church he worshipped in. It's hard to say what he worshipped and what exactly he believed...yet there he was every day during hunting season.

The idea that the 'True" Church is indeed everywhere I go, really appeals to me. It doesn't have to be a defined place...because in all honesty, your beliefs and behavior, etc shouldn't change because of where you happen to be at the moment. The bottom line is...I do not believe we should need a special building, time or place to connect to God.
For me it is just a continued element of walking the walk...if I cannot do that then I am having issues and need to take a very close look at myself, my behavior, outlook and attitude. It would usually suggest that my spiritual condition is somehow out of whack and needs attention.

This may be a post subject I has already been on my mind for some time yet it is hard to concentrate when hunger is dictating my thoughts so we'll pick up on this a little later perhaps.

It is 10am EDT and I have been up and doing things now for a full 6.5 hours. I really need to have my head examined...