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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Le Tour Begins...

Ah yes, the magical 4th of July weekend is here, ushered in by a wave of golf cart riding teenagers, 8 to a cart and each one simultaneously texting as they cruise around the now congested island streets. Still, it's exciting and different, bringing with it a new vibe and an interesting mass of new people to celebrate the holiday. It's 10 minutes past 5a and I've been up for over 2 hrs. Some things do not change even for holidays, Ach...Why can't I sleep!?

My oldest niece Ang arrived last night, she is the same one whose wedding I attended in Dayton, OH awhile back. Today K-Sue and my son and his fiancée arrive and I'm stoked. It is going to be a super hot yet really perfect holiday summer day. The lake temp is at 75 degrees or better, not bad for a lake justifiably named Coldwater!.

The Le Tour De France begins today and though Lance is no longer riding in it I am still a fan of it so I'll tune in on the Versus/NBC TV coverage for the next few weeks....It looks like NBC now has the Vs Cable TV Channel so the coverage is combined. I hope they still have the same commentators because their coverage the last few years has been awesome....

Alright, well off I go, I'm helping a buddy out a little bit this morning get set up for the big holiday...we'll see you later!