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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something's Happening...

So what is it about all this relationship stuff...why is it all coming up now? Really the only way I can answer that is by reiterating what I've said before...this who topic came out of the blue. We were content with the relationship and life was moving on. I never felt like there was unfinished business or that some thing was going to happen. Things were good, really good actually. I can only say this whole thought process, decision and making a choice seemed destined to happened. In my world that means it was a "God thing"...

It sure does feel "meant to be..." Sceptics can mock me, make fun of my choices and beliefs...I certainly did it to others. I just don't really care very, actually I don't care at all. Go at it...i feel fortunate that i don't have so much negativity around me like I did when i was the sceptic...the challenger of everyone's beliefs...basically I was just a bitter, resentful A-Hole that was attempting to make myself feel better at someone else's expense...I usually failed..then felt worse.

I really never expected to write about this subject. though it certainly falls within the parameters of what i write about in the blog it seemed to personal and so unsettled that i wasn't ever really going to just throw this kind of thing out there on the Internet. again, the natural way this came together lent itself to sharing this part.

What I am certain of today is that I am committed to living for Him and everything I do is tied up into do just that. Including my relationships. Kim is certainly NO exception...frankly she is the rule. Our relationship has already been dedicated to following the Lord so the commitment we just made was quite frankly, not a shock but seemed very natural...even for me with all my baggage. It is simply astounding to me (and K-Sue) how this has all turned around in such a short period of time.

So what is next? Not going to go there right now...not here on the SHOCK anyway. But rest assured something will happen...and very, very soon.