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Friday, July 15, 2011

And Me

twhs crest
A fine, fine day it has been, for me certainly. Nothing spectacular has happened and that is kind of the point, it is just a plain, old good day. Weather is gorgeous, started the day with CG (Crippled Golf), saw some old buddies and generally just feel connected to the world and lean, mean and serene...Life chugs onward, upward and I am happy to hitch along for the ride.

I don't often have vivid recollections of the drug days much anymore. I am quite focused on the NOW, life today and there is a lot less need to cope with wreckage from the past then there used to be..

I received some more communication via FaceBook from a couple former school chums and I am really enjoying that, much more then I expected to or care to admit. I almost and I mean it, almost wish I was headed down to Columbus tomorrow for the reunion. I can't get past the notion that so many of the people that are attending won't know me. I would know who most of them are, I was a silent observer of people...but I think few would even remember who I was.

Even though I am a much different kind of person now then I was then, I still am not a big "crowd" guy, unless it is a ball game at a stadium or ballpark somewhere. Making small talk in a cocktail party type environment really doesn't bother me much either. I told myself if there were certain people going then I would definately go yet not one of those folks has RSVP'd. I find it a bit surprising but I see none of those people on any of the lists....
Thomas Worthington High School
So I think tomorrow I will experience a little "reunion envy" while it is happening but that will pretty much be it. It's supposed to be sunny, high in the upper 80's...I live on an island right on the water and on a golf course as well...water on one side of the house, golf course on the other. Frankly it isn't a bad place to spend any day so I think I'll be ok...