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Sunday, July 10, 2011

USA VS Brasil: Big Freakin' JOKE...But?

Its been awhile but guess what? A sports post here on the SHOCK. How about that, eh/ Well I'm ticked off basically so that is why we get this post about Woman's Soccer and the US vs Brasil (Otherwise known as: Big Freakin' Cheaters).

Whenever the United States has success in International Soccer, men's or woman's...the world freaks out and mysteriously we are always playing big games one person down or having penalty Kick Saves by our Goalie taken away and re-kicked until they actually go in. Both events happened today as the US girls play Brasil in Germany. The game is still being played. They are in the second 15 minutes of extra time and Brasil leads 2-1. Oh yea, on the game leading goal the Brazilian girls were clearly off sides yet surprise, was NOT called.

The Refs in this game should frankly never be allowed on a soccer field again. Even if the US manages to tie this up and win in penalty kicks, it is the worst game by officials ever. It is games like this that get fans truly believing in conspiracies. It sure looks like someone decided that the Americans can not be allowed to win this game.

I rarely ever blame Refs like this in sports but this is so obvious. If you seriously watched this game and disagree with me then tell me so. Of course I'm sorry to hear you lost your eyesight, because you must be freaking blind.

On the other hand, regardless of the outcome, this US Woman's Team is putting on the performance of a life time. They played almost the entire second half down a player because of a ridiculous Red Card (players given a red card are ejected and cannot be replaced). Then they have played the last 30 minutes extra Time one down. The goal they did give up should NOT have counted because Brasil was WAY off-sides.

OMG! The US Girls just tied this Motha up with 1 freakin' minute left in the game on a gorgeous break away and header by Abby Wamback Holy Smokes!!

I'm going to close and I'm sure you'll see another post on this. We are going to Penalty Kicks...come on GIRLS!!