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Sunday, July 10, 2011

All The Lonely People...Like ME.

Not too many years ago, I lived the kind of life where I rarely thought about what other people thought and felt unless they were close family/friends or it affected me personally. I just didn't think about it at all. Nor did I consider how other people in the world lived on a day by day basis. I lived for self-fulfilment, living basically for the moment and to fill MY NEEDS...It was not a fulfilling or happy existence, believe me.

Not today...I really am moved emotionally these days by the struggles of others. Whether they may be experiencing addiction, rape, divorce or any other situation I've personally experienced or something I haven't, I can relate to their feelings...almost as if they were my own.

I don't honestly know if that is a GIFT or a CURSE. But it is what it is..I can really empathize with people who are hurting. I can tap into what they are feeling and I can feel it myself. It's like I hurt for so long, that those very feelings are seared into my consciousness forever making for a kinder, gentler me. I figure if that is the case I may as well make good use of them and see if I can't relate to folks who are hurting and listen to them as well.

Being a friend, a true friend I think is one of life's greatest gifts and responsibilities. I have such a different perspective today on friendship and relationships. In the end, in this life... all we ultimately have is each other. And that basically says volumes about why we need to be there, really be there for each other, each and every moment...of every day.