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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Full Disclosure....NOT!

It really has been a busy day and that contiues with a run over to church for a chat w/the pastor about some things relevant to baptism for K and our relationship. Then free until early morning tomorrow when I leave here at 5:30 a to start the day....

We went to a picnic this afternoon and while it was great seeing some old friends but honestly at 90 degrees and 60% humidity it was WAY to freakin' hot and uncomfortable to hang out for long...I enjoyed myself though. Another change from the "old Thom" who used to HATE social functions like get-togethers and didn't matter who it was with...well sometimes I guess it was OK if we were drinking by the fire all night! But other then that I was NOT a very social creature...actually I wasn't one at all!

So now part B of our day and off to church...not sure if I will fully post on this stuff we'll be discussing tonight because there is something else going on here that I am NOT prepared to write about right now....later!