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Friday, July 1, 2011

Simple Little Mess!

I'm telling you that even after nearly 49 years of living and experiencing life, I still have days where some of this stuff that goes on just doesn't make any sense. I've always tried to keep an open mind towards different experiences, learning and cultures, etc. but to do it perfectly is impossible. I am a victim of my own arrogance and prejudices...even when I think I'm being so open and accepting.

It is happening to me now as I try and truly accept my own spiritual beliefs. That's right, as I've mentioned before i am still feeling hesitant about coming across as "too Christian" or a "Christian Writer/Christian Blog". I ask myself, "so what if this blog became a Christian, wait on that. If I'm a Christian as I say I am, and honestly I really am...isn't it at least a Christian "orientated blog" already? Hmm...perhaps it is.

Any how continuing to write about this is becoming a waste of time so I apologize...Now time to RANT!
OK, the moron next door has literally been running his idiotic weed-wacker for the last 90 freaking minutes. Either he has whacked every single blade of grass in his entire yard (TWICE!) or he dropped dead an hour ago with his finger on the trigger and he is just laying in the yard with the Whacker running...Ach, perhaps I'd better check, hold one minute.
Annoyingly, he is alive and well plus still running his demonic machine from Hell...I imagine hell not only hot and evil but full of constant, irritating noise like weed wacker or nails screeching a chalk board or metal stamping machines: get the picture, don't you?!

OK, OK...I realize I shouldn't make light of Hell, there isn't anything remotely funny about eternal damnation but I just can't get the image out of my head that it is also filled with all the irritating, close talking, bad-breath people you ever met, yacking away incessantly for all time...truly frightening!

I'll admit, I'm a bit touchy and sarcastic today, once again awake at 3am after going to bed at 12:30a...then a really busy morning. Followed up by trying to catch a few winks before my niece arrives only to be awakened by the Weed Whacking Fool next door..., eerr...such is life, my life!

Honestly I apologize, I'm not sure what this post truly is about but hey, it certainly is what it is...a fun yet simple little mess I suppose.