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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Off and Hopping...

This is a weekend that I have to admit I've been looking forward to. K-Sue is her from Holland for a few days sporting a new (to her) van and super short haircut...which much to my surprise I really like a lot (typically I've liked her hair a bit on the longer side).

Honestly it is kind of Kim's weekend really...tomorrow afternoon she takes the plunge (baptism) much like I did in late march. I'm really proud of here and since it was such a profound experience for me a few months ago, I'm hoping she will experience much the same type of feeling.

We have a picnic this afternoon that is a gathering of a whole bunch of folks I know in recovery. I usually skip those type of events because I have gotten a bit tired of going alone so the timing this time around is cool because Kim is here...should be fun (and HOT!)

Later on this evening we are meeting with our pastor to discuss Kim's baptism then talk a bit about our future and what it all might mean spiritually. I can't help but be amazed that i am the very same person who only a couple of years ago would have had NOTHING to do what so ever with Church or Pastor's or being a Christian. Now it is clearly a focus in my world and I will admit it: I'm quite happy, excited and pleased about the whole is a life I never considered I would lead but this morning I cannot really see myself changing back to what I was or not continuing to push forward in my life quest to FOLLOW Him.

So hey...we are off and hopping early so gotta run, until we ...write again!