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Friday, July 15, 2011

Debbie and Steven

Finished a round CG (Crippled Golfing) an hour ago and or so. It was a really nice morning, cool and not to crowded or sticky humidity-wise. I like the peaceful, solitude of being outside before dawn, in the early morning twilight. I'm just an early morning person, I always kind of have been though I'm, getting up earlier and earlier these days. I feel like I'm wasting the day if I don't get up and take advantage of it.

I'm such an early morning person that I enjoy that time before anyone else is even up more then any other time of day....
Whenever I let myself go emotionally like I did last night, I tend to feel those emotions very intensely for days afterward. I miss the "what if" as in what if Deb had lived. What would her kids have been like? Debbie was a fireball, a crazy, poetic, energetic, wizard type woman who I could even imagine flying across the sky. I think Steven Tyler, lead singer of the band Aerosmith got his style and attitude of dress from Debbie or perhaps it was the other way around but there was definately a resemblance...
Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of her anywhere and that is really the pics of Steve Tyler will have to suffice. But their personalities were similar... extroverted, loud, lively, center of attention and showy, sexual, exciting...that was Debbie. She was also smart, knew when "being quiet" worked best and was a master manipulator of people. She always had people doing stuff for her...yet I never did. And she loved me for it...I gave her sh*t, I was sober, I was different so she was really intrigued when we met up again after she moved back to Worthington from California before her senior year.

Wow, I'm off on a tangent again and didn't really mean to go there this morning. I just have a great deal of emotion bubbling out of me this morning.

As I mentioned last night, tomorrow is my high school classes 30th reunion...30 years, that sure is a trip! And yep, I find it all very hard to believe that so much time has gone by by such is life, eh?!

I'm off to town, errands, library and hooking up with some buddies in perhaps we'll get back on and post later today, see ya!