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Monday, July 25, 2011

To Start The Day

Alrighty then, I will actually try and post something that makes sense, doesn't have any typos and for the most part is a complete piece of writing....

Yes, yesterday's fiasco still rankles a, a lot so I'm trying to remembered the lesson earned and learned through the embarrassment of posting a piece of junk here on the blog yesterday....OK Thom, let it go, let it go, let it go...and so I shall.

I actually was up at the usual time this morning (4am) and beginning my day: Feeding the cat, checking e-mails, doing the usual clean-up, etc when the notion came over me to go back to I did until 6:30am...Nice!

This morning my father and I are meeting a buddy of mine for a little CG (Crippled Golf- That's what dad and I play, Mark is a NORMAL golfer!!) at 8:30am. It should be nice thought it is already well into the mid/late 70's and there isn't much of a breeze. I used to feel really uncomfortable doing ANYTHING with a group of people and oddly, I don't feel that way any more. I don't play golf with other's very often mainly because I am not that great...short, short drives, a decent short game and fair course management. Iyopawa Island Golf Course is very short for even a 9 hole course...there isn't a Par 5 much over 400 yards so even folks like me can have a fair chance.

There are several troubling things on my mind and in my heart this morning. And nothing that I can really post here about but this kind of thing often will heavy weigh heavy with me until resolved. But it also is the kind of thing that no longer throws me totally for a loop these days. I do what's necessary and move on and often what is the most pressing necessity is to let go of it. It makes NO sense to let thoughts and feelings eat one up from the inside out.

So off we go, to start the day. And it is a busy one...