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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Certain Times, Certain People...ACH!

Practising any kind of acceptance, when it comes to other people and their behavior is hard. I'm finding it nearly impossible at the moment. I have been brutally honest about my past behavior in this blog. I thought only of myself, gave little thought to the plight of others (unless it somehow impacted me) and basically lived a life based on fulfilling MY selfish desires even at the expense of others. Hard stuff to admit, for sure. And a hard habit to break but it was critical that I did because I could not turn my life around concerning my addiction, if I held on to the practices and behavior's of the past.

So slowly but surely I began to make changes in my life and I've spoken specifically about them in detail so I'm going to skip doing so now, except for one critical change I've made. The focus of my life today is spiritual. It is about focusing on God and living a life in service to others, to the very best of my ability. Bottom line? I try to think about and help other people any time I can. In doing so, in giving to others I have found that I often get more then I have dreamed about in return. I have my recovery, self-respect, respect of others and the list goes on and on.

I am far from perfect and I certainly fall short in living this way as well but it is my daily & life focus and I try hard to fulfil it by my actions. That is why I really struggle with the selfish behavior of others. Unfortunately my old way of living did not become extinct when I changed my ways. Nope, there are a lot of selfish, self oriented people in the world and several are personally impacting someone I really care about right now with their extreme selfishness. And of course there isn't a whole lot I can really do about it.

I am feeling a lot of anger about it because the actions of certain individuals in my opinion are really misguided, selfish, mean-spirited and bordering almost on the verge of negligence...yet that doesn't seem to matter to them. Nope, they almost seem to revel in the helplessness of certain people to do anything about it. It is bullying to the EXTREME....I know this sounds difficult to believe...I had a hard time believing it myself but after seeing this behavior personally and repeatedly, it's unfortunate yet true.

There are times in life when you simply cannot control a situation and this is one of them. All I can truly do is support the person I care about and I do that anyway I can but my resources are limited. But I hurt for her and her daughter because I really don't think this is right. But life is full of unfair situations and we all face them sometimes. I admire her courage for standing up for what she believes in and doing what she feels is best for her daughter and herself.

But it is times like these that truly make me wish I had some sort of super powers, so I could snap the magical fingers and BOOM, everything is fixed (and yea, certain individuals have all sorts of painful and embarrassing, costly stuff happen to them for the next 40 YEARS! But life doesn't work that way now does it?! So I pray, listen and support her and we'll see what happens...and I suppose I don't really want embarrassing stuff to happen...What am I say....OF COURSE I DO!