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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ach...I Don't Dig Humidity

Morning, misty humid and bright, sticky, dank and sweaty...not at all my kind of weather. This mornings weather is precisely why I do NOT care for Florida, any time of the year. I don't want to feel like my living room is in the middle of a tropical rain forest...THOUGH I believe I have a legitimate complaint about the excess moisture plus heat + sh*tty weather....feels like whole raindrops in the air. I just don't dig humidity...except perhaps when it's -10 degrees F with a 30 mph wind blowing across the lake. Yes, I know I'm fickle and bitchy this morning. Deal, OK just deal w/it...I have to so I'm assuming everyone else can handle it as well.

Alright, I'm not actually in a bad mood but sometimes it's just entertaining to fiddle fart around with language...

But I have noticed that certain specific elements of weather, say humidity for example can really bother me physically and that in turn sets the mood for how I feel emotionally, etc. I still don't know whether it has something to do with my illness from this past Fall/Winter that was improved somewhat with my stomach surgery or whether there are still issues. I am getting some hormone and other treatments for some sever deficiencies that were discovered at the MAYO Clinic and they have left me feeling...HOLLOW is the only way I can describe it. I don't feel solid, I feel depleted somehow like all my physical attributes aren't there or aren't functioning properly. Jeez, I haven't a sliver of a clue if that makes a lick of sense or not but the weather combined with some of these side affects from the medication leave me feeling sweaty and weak, not a comfortable feeling for me, ever...I do not do good with that combination of feelings.

So...what am I getting at? Er, beats me really...I guess I am just describing the way I feel today and I know that I am affected by this humidity this morning. Even when I was outside earlier getting some exercise, it wasn't hot just way too damp that it felt weird. The sun is starting to heat things up and that will get things really cooking and unpleasant...and of course I live in a house where i have NO vote when it comes to heating and cooling decisions so yikes, it's gonna suck pretty much around here later!

Off to the grocery, while I am at it I'll ponder that connect between my physical environment and how I feel. I really think I am much more impacted by the physical environment that I am in then I use to be and then I realized. That could be an important discovery mainly because my moods impact my recovery which effects...everything! And everything is...well, It's kind of important I guess!!