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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Semper Fidelis!

God Bless you Mary Lukas, for the rest of your days here on earth and forever after.

Mrs. Lukas is getting ready to bury her husband Victor after many, many years (over 60)of marriage. And that dear, sweet woman nearly caused me to break down tonight as I stood there at the funeral holding her hand, listening to her say such wonderful and nice things that I didn't really deserve. She was so grateful and appreciative and I really had done NOTHING to deserve such lovingly worded compliments. Honestly, God gets all the credit.

And I may add, that I know for an absolute FACT today that the truest rewards in life come from being there for others.

The funeral was over-flowing with well wishers tonight. There was quite a long queue and about a 25 minute wait. Mr Lukas, as I mentioned in my post yesterday was a highly decorated combat Marine from WWII. He lost an arm in combat on the Island of Guam...

The Marine Corps was well represented tonight as there were at least 20 members of some type of marine Veterans Society dressed in their Red Sports Coats and hats w/white shirt worn with a tie. There were representatives of all wars there tonight from WWII through current, active Marines. It was an amazing sight and I for one was very impressed.

I didn't have the pleasure of getting to know Mr and Mrs Lukas very well but I am proud that I did get to meet them both and share time with them at this very difficult and important time in their lives. God bless them and their family now and forever. Oh...and Mr Lukas: Semper Fidelis!