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Monday, June 6, 2011

Gratitude and Remembrance

Today has been a day full of reminders about how far I've come and how much I appreciate the life that I now live. It is no comparison to my old way of living. A lot of times when i experience one of the "significant days" in recovery, like a 5 year anniversary it tends to leave me feeling let down at the end of the day. I do not feel a let down today...
Photo Coldwater Daily Reporter
Just grateful...I'm truly happy to be alive. I kind of feel like today is a special day and one that I'd rather not reminisce about all the trauma, heartbreak and pain. Nope, today I just want to let the gratitude flow forth and today I can actually do that because I really feel it, it isn't just an act.

On a sad note I want to take a moment to remember my friend Victor S Lukas Sr who passed away here in Coldwater on Saturday. Mr. Lukas was the gentleman I was to spend some time with each week at the nursing home I visit. Unfortunately he took a turn for the worse the middle of last week and passed away this past Saturday. I had gotten to know his wife Mary and was really looking forward to seeing both of them each week.

Mr Lukas, as you can read in his Obit link included in this post was a decorated combat veteran and Marine during the Pacific Campaign of WWII. Though they mention he won the Purple Heart what they do not mention is that he lost an arm in combat on the Island of Guam. So this young man came home from the War gravely wounded, missing an arm and returned home to Coldwater MI and married his sweetheart, Mary in 1945. Mrs Lukas is a very special lady and you can tell this was one special man and marine as well. Semper FI Victor and may God Bless You...Rest In Peace.