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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Thom...Why?

I think anyone who has read this blog, even just once or twice is aware that sometime in the recent past I experienced a significant spiritual awakening, as it were. I became a Christian, a Follower of Jesus. Now to some that might not be a big deal. they will go, hey great...glad you did then they'll move on to talk about something else.

There are others and this would have INCLUDED me not so long ago who will go: "Aw F*&K! Holy Sh*t, that's all we need on this planet another freaking crackpot Christian". Yep...that is how I would have reacted and then I would have mocked the person mercilessly for being ignorant, weak, a hypocrite, close minded, a "sheep" (a term a buddy and I used to use to describe people who can't think for themselves, we considered Christians SHEEP) and a right wing conservative. Honestly I don't see myself as any of those things, I really don't. I still think for myself, I don't blindly follow any person on this planet. I do however believe what I read in the bible and I follow what it says because I truly believe it is the TRUTH that I have been looking for my entire life: The Word of God. Ultimately and I feel strongly about this, is the key to being a Follower of Christ is LOVE. We must love one another, with out restriction, yes without JUDGEMENT and not hold back.

When Jesus was asked by the religious leaders of his time why he (A Rabbi and highly respected because of his position) would hang out with prostitutes, tax collectors..sinners....the dregs of society at that time, he said that a doctor goes where the sick people are. So that is what he was doing, the people that needed Him and his message were the sick, the poor, criminals, the misguided, those sinners struggling in this big, bad world just like me. So that is why I feel guided to reach out to other addicts...and let's face it, addicts & alcoholics who are really suffering are often not hanging out in church or at Country Clubs. No they are in hospitals, in jail/prison and at various recovery support group meetings so that is where I need to be. That is the connection that got made for me and made it simple to realize that I had to reach out to those who were hurting, whose lives were a train wreck just like my life was.

It really does fit into the life I've been trying to live that focus's on being of service to others. I was hesitant to write much about being a Christian here on the blog because I didn't want to chase the few readers I had away. Ultimately not mentioning it here, well that was living a lie, I couldn't hide what I really believed so you will see posts like this. I'm not trying to tell anyone what they should do, heck i never listened to what others believed myself.

But I will share here what I have found works for me in my life. Since the basic Premise of Shell Shock serenade is to follow my life as a person in recovery, well helping others is a big part of that. And believing that is what makes a difference in this life. It is ultimately loving and reaching out to others that opens people up to change. Those were obvious things for me to accept and get my arms around in day to day life. And it's worked for me so far...

So I'm not entirely sure what I am trying to achieve with this post other then to "come out" I guess and say what I think and feel, whether it's about spiritual matters or not....I don't know if this will become a "Christian" blog...I suspect that it will be what it always has been: a blog about the life of a human being trying to live his life from day to day, including all the ups and downs that go along with it...I hope it continues to be open and honest, to teach and entertain...maybe even enlighten folks perhaps on what it is really like to suffer and feel so isolated and lonely in this big ole mean world and how to over come those very feelings.

I would appreciate any thoughts or feelings on this matter or anything else so feel free or you may email me at