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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Change

Last night I posted about a shift in direction as far as my life focus goes. Actually it isn't really a shift in, the direction is really the same. This different focus I suppose is just a bit broader, I'm trying to encompass a wider spectrum of people that I'm including in my life day to day. Not just deal and associate with those in the addiction & recovery field but branch out into the "real" world, so to speak.

And certainly that is a bit scary for a guy like me who only a few short years ago I effectively cut himself off from almost ALL unwanted contact with people. I was so isolated that I might as well had been living on another planet. My whole connection to the actual world was basically through media: TV, the Internet, PDA and to a lesser extant Satellite Radio. Now I was going to be interacting with all sorts of folks, face to face...

I realize to some people this seems somewhat ridiculous to even be concerned about but for me, coming from THAT place where I existed just a few short years ago...It's a huge change, no doubt but definately for the better.

I am excited about the prospect of it today and looking forward to seeing how it goes. The next few days posts here on the SHOCK will probably focus on this change and how I feel about it. Now time to meet a buddy...until later.