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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Intensity of Experience Pt. 1

One thing that still continues to baffle me about life and living my life is how "real" it can seem in one moment and how "unreal" it can seem in the next. I would suspect that this is one thing that is particular to my personality...Oh, I'm sure other folks may feel something similar yet I don't figure everyone feels this way.

I think "intensity of experience" also may be a contributing piece to this puzzle. One moment I am really feeling things strongly, like I'm focused in on emotionally sifting through every detail. On the other hand my approach will be rather detached and I will intellectually interpret most things strictly on a "thinking" level and emotion will have little impact what so ever.

Yikes! I know, what am I thinking about this stuff for so early on a Sunday morning!? Wow, don't fret dear reader, even I wonder about me from time to time. Any how we will save a follow up thoughts, questions or heaven forbid...answers for a future post because I have to run. Have any kind of morning that you would like, you certainly have my approval!