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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Definately Weird

I was at a get together last night and one of my friends mentioned that they had been getting to my me a bit better by going back and reading my old blog posts...starting 18 months ago I suppose and working their way toward the present day. I haven't known this person for very long so the notion that she might be reading back into my past was , I'll admit, initially it was a tad frightening.

I am well aware as I'm writing that I do not censor or down play my feelings and I also do make myself vulnerable to anyone who might want to use that information against me though I turn that kind of worry/concern over to God. I am what I am so i believe that some good will come out of my sharing here on The SHOCK.

But I do recall that when I was informed that someone was reading back...for an instant I felt naked, like I just got caught coming out the shower. It was harm was meant by it at all and I believe the whole experience is actually a really IS why I began writing in the first place, so people would read it. In the end I think that is the main reason it surprised me is because I don't expect anyone to read the blog in the first place!

So even though I have been blogging well over a year and feel very natural doing it, when the fact that I write here is made public and talked about, it caught me by surprise and made me think about what I was writing....I think that was the interesting realization that I was a bit shocked that someone was really taking an interest. I'm used to pretty moderate "page hit" numbers and they are starting to climb now that some folks on Twitter are RT-ing (Re-Tweeting) my posts, that has really helped me reach new readers

Hey my thoughts about this blog haven't changed or diminished, shoot they just keep getting stronger. Most people who read it either post a comment or never mention it so I thought it was interesting to recognize my reaction: surprise, flattered, embarrassed and intrigued...because you wonder what folks really think because this subject matter is VERY personal so when a person mentioned it to your face I almost feel compelled to explain myself...definately weird! Weird but you know what, it re-confirms my desire to do it.