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Thursday, June 16, 2011

So What!?

Question Mark Clip Art

I've definately thought about that questions, "so what?" Who cares? What does all this crap you write about mean to the rest of us? And other such questions...The answer in my mind is it might mean absolutely NOTHING. Then again, it may mean EVERYTHING if you share any of the troubles that I have and can't find your way through them. The choice is entirely yours. I promise, I won't push and I don't DO guilt. Take it or leave it...the choice is yours.

Yes, one of the reasons I write about this is in hope that sharing it may help someone else. That perhaps some little thing may shine through that makes sense and can help them. But ultimately I share, I confess, I communicate all of this for me. I admit, it helps me greatly. I wasn't sure in the beginning if I would be able to share such personal thoughts, feeling and emotions in a public forum. But it has come rather easily and the act of communicating openly has really been a positive one for me.

Oh, I've had moments where it may have been too much, too soon. Or I over shared and just couldn't handle the build up of such emotion. But for the most part, it's felt healthy and positive. I haven't really gotten that much feedback which in some ways surprises me. At first, there weren't that many people reading but these days there is a ton of activity and hits yet still not too much feedback. In some ways that's fine, I'm not necessarily looking for it but i find it a bit unsettling that such subject matter little response.

Perhaps not that many people care about it...hey, I would certainly understand that as well. It isn't a blog for the casual reader...definately not. And I seriously doubt that there are many readers who share all of my particular experiences...honestly, I would be shocked if there were one. But I figure there are people, like myself who are interested in what makes other people tick. How they think, feel and live. I am quite interested in what others get out of life and what they give back to it.

I guess to answer my own about who cares the answer would be me, I care. And as far as so what, well I confess that I couldn't stop writing this now if I tried. I've made no secret that I have felt lead or motivated, pushed even by some unseen force to do this. I still feel that push, now more then ever before. So I'll keep pluggin' and posting away the only way I know how. I suppose a day will come when the ideas and the thoughts run out...when that happens I imagine this will all just fade away. I haven't a clue as to when that will be but truthfully, I certainly hope it's not for quite awhile. I'm still really enjoying the journey....