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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Follow up: The Family Jewell's

This is going to be a short post basically clarifying my position or opinion if you will to the Reality TV Show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Before anyone gets the wrong idea here, nobody was more surprised then I that I liked what i was seeing. I don't like reality TV shows in general. But the point I was trying to make was that I was impressed that they represented Gene so honestly and let him show his
vulnerability and they did it well. I am an adopted kid, I too have felt abandoned at different times of my life and they really did a good thing with the first two episodes of this year. It looks like week 3 is more of the same.

I'll probably watch it too because I actually learned some things about myself and others. I really do see value for a lot of different people in that. I don't want to condone or recommend the show to anyone, there still is a ton of ridiculous CRAP in it but I am going to give credit where it is deserved and I thought these shows were awesome in content and subject matter. They dealt with the Holocaust, the formation of Israel in 1948, a little boy who felt abandoned by his father, siblings that had never met their famous brother and that brother not even really knowing he had a family in Israel.

So there we go, I thought they elevated reality TV a bit and Kudos to A&E for doing it as well....