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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snap The Crackle

Alice in Wonderland no77658
Alice In Wonderland

Ah Yes, nonsense. The irrelevant, unreal, goofy, odd ball moments that add a tinge of heartbeat and whimsy to one's moment on the planet. Yes I'm a serious guy, just read the crappola that I write here on The SHOCK. I just need a moment, here or there to flitter-about, loose and free though certainly NOT fancy...

It is a time for free flight, making up words as 'ya go. No parameters, no borders and frankly, no point to this post!

One sentence paragraphs may run-on forever with out a care...

It is time for a pause, a literal pressure release valve in the form of a blog post, rather necessary when the subjects on said blog venture from alcoholism/addiction to rape to insanity to just feeling plain lost and forgotten in a really big world.

Funny...the saddest item of all those just listed to me today is the "feeling lost and forgotten..." and this comes from a person who has experienced everyone of those subjects in live, 3-dimensional form. I think it's because the others are so horrific in their own way, that they defy explanation. They just happen and it's really, really bad but such is truly is evil sometimes. But lost and forgotten folks, well that is preventable and in my minds eye so breathing people should NEVER, EVER fall through the cracks of life...I'm just saying.

No snow now yet it's too bleeping hot...ACH, I think the weather truly has no other purpose among humans then to give one a topic to complain about.

Fall through the Cracks people...hmm, that description resonates with me...Do you know any one who fits that description? I suspect that we all probably do. Food for thought...

We wander the path of least resistance until the moment we run into a brick wall called LIFE. At least that is how I would describe my past life. I took the easiest possible way out yet in hindsight it never really was the easiest because something awful usually happened to me at some point in that journey...

It truly amazes, as I look back how clear this all seems now yet i never had a clue at the time. I just accepted the moment, whatever it may bring and I would deal with the consequences...later, much later if possible.
I'm still trying to get my arms around a doctor suggested (yep, MY doctor suggested this last Tuesday) "healthy" low-carb diet that allows one to eat as much bacon (or in my case in about 5 minutes: Bratwurst on the grill) as one wants as often as one wants. Red meat too...I cannot get my brain wrapped around that concept, I just can't...But I sure will TRY!