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Friday, June 10, 2011

One Way Valve...

There are certain aspects of recovering from stomach surgery that leave a LOT to be desired. I am so nauseous right now I can only imagine what would be happening if I was actually capable of vomiting. That's right, a side effect of the surgery is an inability to puke. The valve on top of my stomach leading from my esophagus is now one way: going INTO the stomach...It won't rally work for anything going out.

I'm stuck feeling this way for "I don't know how
long because I can't puke. Yep, It's a pretty big bummer too...I need to eat something because I'm all out of whack, dizzy and such but I don't know what to do.If I eat I won't be able to get sick, at least there is a good chance I won't be able to.

Oh well, It is gonna be a short night because I will try to lay down to sleep as soon possible to make this all go away....

Sorry for the nuts and bolts blog post about feeling nauseous...such is my life today.