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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Every time I kick out a post like the one from last night, Alienation Nation: Child of the HOLLOW I feel like I have to come back with the standard small print style reminder that this is what I do here on the SHOCK: I VENT. I'm not on the road to suicide nor on my last legs, no I'm just Emotionally Vomiting (EV or E-Vomit) this stuff up, to get it out in the open where I can have a chance to deal with it in a healthy manner. It would be potentially suicidal to suppress it.

I Feel things at the moment, sometimes they pass rather quickly and other times they do not. I have had some issues with feeling this way for a couple of weeks now and my frustration at my inability to make it go away is bubbling over a bit. So I E-V it out all over this blog. And that's OK, it's what works for me...but still, it can set off alarms among my friends when I share such raw, unbridled emotion and thought.

Certainly I will post on this subject later, I just wanted to re-assure those who may go: WHAT The...!! My intention with Shell Shock right from the start was to capture in real time the life of this particular recovering addict/alcoholic and share my world ...Welcome!!