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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Death's Men

Currently, I am reading "Death's Men" by Denis Winter. It is my second go round with this particular work and I really am enjoying it the second time around. It is a study of the ordinary British and commonwealth soldier on the Western Front during The Great War.

Winter takes an unusual angle in that he focuses on the minute details of every soldiers life at the front and in rest areas behind the front lines. Not only does he cover the what it was like to live, fight and get wounded or die in the trenches but it also is a wonderful look of the culture in Great Britain at that time.

We tend to forget that there was still a great a class division that we in the United States today would have trouble ever understanding. The difference between being an officer and one of the "Other rank" as enlisted men were called was incredible. The enlisted were clearly treated almost as sub-human almost like animals.

I certainly recommend this book but the main purpose of this quickie early post is a warning: I've got the itch to write about the Great War again. You can thank Spock Girl over at and her post Mud for kick starting this interest...