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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hesitantly Optimistic

I do not, repeat do NOT want to sound even a tad bit optimistic here but after I posted my 3a ode to vomiting I was able to lay back down and drift off to sleep for a while without further interruptions. And though this may be way to early to tell, I have to say I'm feeling at least semi-human at the moment. Which is good since I have to travel into town at 10a for a meeting. Unfortunately the gentleman I'm meeting with chose McDonald's of all places to meet so I'm hoping that the bouts of nausea I've been experiencing have indeed run their course.

I'm not a big fan of the place, anymore anyway. I used to love their food, especially as a kid but now I can hardly even smell their food without feeling sick so this should be interesting to say the least....I do like their coffee so that is a safe place to long as my stomach holds.

I've noticed since I started feeling ill on the weekend that my posts here on Shell Shock have gotten shorter and shorter. Illness I suppose is a good way to keep me brief in thought and emotion I guess....

I'll call the Doc after 9a and see if they agree with my assesment that the Testosterone may be the ultimate culprit here and I should hold off getting a shot today. I just can't take another day of nauseous misery like the last couple...

SI'm hoping that I can then get back to posting about something other then that I feel lousy. And I wouldn't mind be able to enjoy going outside for a bit too...well, we'll see you on the back side of all these appointments.