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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Late, Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday, late afternoon and it's Father's Day: 19 June, 2011. My son Ian, just left a little while ago having gotten here this morning.
He is on his way back home to Holland after spending some time hanging out, grilling/eating steaks that he brought and getting in a nice long boat was a definite joy having him in for even a brief visit. Unfortunately the times that I get to have both of my kids together with me are now quite rare. Ian's sister Chelsea lives in Greenville, SC with her two young sons (My GRANDS!) and her husband Joel.

Perhaps we will be able to all get together sometime in the near future. It certainly got me thinking....My dad showed a DVD he had made from all our family videos over the years, especially when my kids were little, wee ones...probably 5 for Chelsea and 3 years old for Ian. Amazing stuff but I really struggled to maintain my composure. Those were wonderful times yet they were tough too. Through most of the era it covered I was a single dad and they had just come to stay with me in early Spring of that year, 1989. This was before I met my 2nd wife.

I've certainly thought about those days a lot but actually seeing it again really threw me for a loop. They were good times really but I felt SO much weight on my shoulders at that time trying to care for them. They were adorable and we were such a tight little family, the 3 of us. They also got to spend a great deal of time here at the Lake (back when the cottage was still here) and they just loved that as did I.

Anyway it was a powerful trip back down Memory Lane and I am so grateful for those times we spent together. Things had been really rough for their mom and we were trying to give them some stability in their lives. Kids are resilient yet you never know how things might impact them. But it was a nice way to end our visit thinking about those times. So Ian is on his way home and i'm not feeling very motivated actually so I think I'll find a quiet place to read. have a wonderful Sunday evening...