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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shifting Sands or Life Changes

I mentioned in my last post that I have discovered it a great benefit to be able let loose my thoughts and feelings here on Shell Shock. It really is helpful. Yes, I was leery about sharing such personal information but ultimately the benefit to me, out weighed any hesitation or embarrassment I may have had about sharing those personal things here on the Internet.

It's funny, the same stuff that I kept secret for YEARS because I was too afraid or humiliated to mention to ANYBODY, I talk about in great detail here on the SHOCK. Ironic, eh?!

I am not entirely certain what motivated me to change. Being in recovery from addiction played a role...I learned there that I can't hold stuff in and somewhere down the road I applied that philosophy to my entire life, the rape episode included, instead of just the recovery stuff. And it's been effective...profoundly so.

Another lesson I've learned and applied is that I don't have a recovery life separate from my regular life...nope, it's all just LIFE. As soon as I made that connect things smoothed out a bit, the connection was totally natural and necessary. Funny, I was really freaked out at first when i started thinking about posting this here but now I don't think i would want to live my life without this valuable release...strange how circumstances change, huh?!