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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Break Area-A Man At REST

The stuff I have been posting lately have begun to feel forced. My initial thought is to back off a bit a let things regenerate. But on the other had I fee insecure about NOT posting, as if the few people who read Shell Shock would go away if there wasn't at least a post a day to read. i know that sounds absurd, a bit ridiculous but I committed to being honest here so though I'd rather not admit it, there it is.

Most of the time, posts and post idea flow rather much so that it can be hard to keep up with the ideas that are flowing o fast because I type slowly. Occasionally a psot will feel more manufactured or forced...that doesn't always mean that it isn't good or worthwhile, it is just different. But if you ask me, my favorite posts are all of the type that flowed out forcefully, as if they had a life of their own.

I'm not entirely sure what i'm trying to get at here...perhaps i will back off a bit. But I could easily do that and later today be bombarded with inspiration. I think the important thing for me was to just write about my struggle with it here and let it go. We'll see what happens but I just felt like I was not doing honest work....or my best work and that i should cop to that. I would suspect that there are those regular readers out there that could identify the posts i've written that felt forced. they just don't have the same energy as those special beauties that write their own way through the post.

So there it is, a bit of insight into the process, as it were. I am curious if anyone noticed....Perhaps we'll take a breakthis weened and then again maybe not, let's find out, shall we?!