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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five Years

Time...what does it really mean? How significant is it and what does it matter anyway. I guess because I am an historian of sorts I have developed an appreciation for time periods, dates and how long ago certain events may have occurred. That time, now passed can give one a reference point and put the present in proper perspective.

Alright now, regular readers are onto the fact that SOMETHING significant must have happened on or around this date at some point in the past if I'm rattling on and on about time, history and perspective....and of course you would be correct.

Typically I enjoy making the reader wander for awhile before springing the to the puzzle but this one is easy. Tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of the D-Day (Normandy) Invasion of World War II. It was on this day, oh so long ago that tens of thousands of American, Canadian and British Soldiers started their journey into Hitlers Fortress Europe that led eventually to the downfall of Hitler, his 10,000 year Reich and in many cases ended their own lives....

Yet...I'm missing something here. I have another reason that June 6th is a date that I'll always remember. It isn't necessarily a good memory for me either. June 6, 2006 is the date that I got sober. It is a date that I began this journey that ultimately has led me to a life of daily recovery and yep, this blog.

I do celebrate my sober anniversary...well I guess "celebrate" is a bit strong...I recognize the date and the fact that it is significant. I have noticed in recovery circles that these sobriety dates attract the attention of the new folks first and foremost. When I was new it mattered to me too to see a person celebrate. It was proof in my mixed up mind that a person COULD live without booze or drugs.

So today, even though I do find it a bit embarrassing and awkward I knowledge the date and give thanks. It is a humbling memory for me this evening because 5 years ago tonight I had no idea that my life was about to change in such a profound way, mainly because I was still in a coma from the suicide.

So that is the thought I leave you with tonight, one of unknown promise. Could it be the start of something profound for you? Is it your dark night before the dawn of a brand new life as it turned out to be in my darkest of days?

It would be safe to assume that you'll here more from me here about the significance of this first MILESTONE sobriety anniversary.