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Friday, June 24, 2011

No Sleep...Courtesy of Home Depot!

We have a house full o noise as the floor guys finish putting in the transitions that were part of a Home Depot FIASCO...meaning they screwed up multiple times. First they didn't order them at all, then they ordered the wrong stuff...frustrating right?! Well then they said they ordered the right parts but it was taking forever to come in. All this time we have wood floors only partially installed. Well it turns out they had the parts all along (at least for a week) they had come in to the attention of the manager and nobody told him..they stuck them in the warehouse in a back rack. The manager did run the parts out last night, finally! Some how I get the feeling that Home Despot er...Depot won't be getting any more business from my family.

So chaos reigns with power tools, burning wood smell...nothing like trying to catch a power nap in the middle of a construction zone. It isn't going to happen...I generally snag a bit of snooze time after being up for a few compensates a bit for being awake since 3:30a...well sort of zombie-like awake.

Alrighty then, the half awake whining session now I might as well get going. A last word here...I realize stuff happens and mistakes are made, that's life. But frankly the series of mis-communication and lack of knowledge here on the part of the local store in Coldwater got to be a little much. Having been in management in a factory myself for 25 years I know how this kind of thing can happen. If it were my charge I would make darn sure that lesson's were learned from this fiasco. Unfortunately I don't get the impression anything will be done now that they have the customer off their back. that's unfortunate because problems like this can be great learning and training opportunities.

And those in my opinion were the issues: lack of training for the initial sales person. She didn't know the product and what it required to complete the job. Communication was awful, way too much "assuming" that the other guy took care of it instead of making sure it was indeed taken care of. Lastly, to have the product in house for almost a week and nobody knew was totally uncalled for. Someone should be following up. If the customer has to call multiple times...well that's big trouble.

The people were friendly enough and they tried hard to fix the problem after the fact but honestly, by that time it is too late, friendly doesn't cut the here endeth the training lesson. Sorry to our regular readers for getting side tracked but needless to say I was kind of counting on a few winks this morning to supplement the sleep I missed out on last night. Suffice it to say, any subsequent posts might contain a bit of that bitchiness left over from this morning"s fiasco! So I apologize in advance, forgive me me...