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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Can you dig it? Yea, unfortunately I can...
For whatever reason, I try to force post ideas some times when they just aren't there. All that does is just frustrate the crap outta me and accomplish nothing of value.

Typically an idea will occur to me and it will naturally begin to flow into a post. It's usually written as a stream of consciousness and really all I do in the end is go back through and tidy up some misspellings or any rogue sentence structure, etc. I will also flesh out an idea or two, building on the existing idea foundation. I can be a little risky to just open the portal and let it all rush out, yet that is really the only way I know how to write.

But there are times where it seems like an idea is beginning to take off's really not. And I seem know it but I can never seem to just let it go. Nope, I have to stubbornly flog the dang thing to death, thinking that somehow, some way i will turn this thing around and get a completed post of of it! It usually never happens when I'm forcing it like that. Thankfully, in the end not too many of those get to see the light of day. Once in awhile one will slip through get appear on the SHOCK but there are not too many posts on SSS that I don't really care for.

I've never pulled a completed post off the blog. Frankly, I don't even recall ever really wanting to pull a post so that is even better.

Just opening up my mind and heart then trusting that the post will write it self is a bit hair raising but it is what it is. Sometimes I think I would like it better if I could outline and plan far in advance what I was going to write but spontaneity is part of the allure and it keeps things interesting for me. I like the notion that I'm operating without a safety net.

I just think for me it is better to let things just come up on there own instead of forcing it. I think because of that, I'll cover the more unusual angles and post topics because anything goes really.

If the premise of the blog is to capture a life in real time, then it stay this way. If I plot or plan a series on dealing with friends or families, I'm not really capturing a life. But often something will just happen, I'll post on it and then that topic will stay relevant for a few days so it almost reads like a series though it's actually a series of separate stories that seems linked together.

When a few of those connect, it's magical! So basically it comes down to the fact that some times it works, other times it doesn't. But even the ideas that don't seem to shine still work and they serve their own purpose. After all, nothing in real life is perfect so that's just the way it is some times....