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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All I Can Say Is Watch Out!

First of all I got home from the doctor's office this afternoon and lo and behold...The air conditioner was on! Holy smokes...hey, I believed in God before this miracle happened but wow, he is really something else! It's delightful...the problem now is I have a funeral visitation and a Celebrating Recovery meeting tonight and I don't want to leave.

Well, I don't know if I should even blog about this subject but what the HAY, I really don't have any secrets....

One of the several concerns the doctors had coming out of all the testing at the MAYO Clinic was the fact that my Testosterone Levels were virtually non-existent. I know guys are supposed to be embarrassed about this stuff...why? It is what it is and from what i understand and now know for certain: they have a BIG "OLE SHOT for that problem!

So that is what I'm warning everyone about: Testosterone Fueled Tommy is now been let loose on the general population. Don't really know what it means but even though I just had my first shot, I know I FEEL better. Perhaps it's just a psychological boost, so what...I'm feelin' pretty sparky for an old PHART!

It's the first time in years I've walked across a room w/out touching the floor!

OK, OK...all kidding aside, the doctor's report was awesome. For the most part everything is looking good and we both feel good about the plan we've worked out for a changed diet (Cut Down On start!) We will look at right knee surgery in the fall after the college football season (I'm a Purdue Season Ticket holder) is over then we'll talk long term plans for my back. So everything was good and I'm really pretty satisfied I just want to get healthier so more focus on a better diet and daily exercise.

So now that I am all fired up on Testy, I ready to get outside, go swim maybe!