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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Reader

My Dear Reader(s),

Are you sick of the fluff posts coming at you from all directions here on The SHOCK? No angst, anger, lying or resentment repentance. Just weather and food (hot dogs for breakfast?!) and other assorted dribble. I mean I haven't even posted about the tornado that hit around here yesterday...thank goodness it just took the roof off of one house, one business and knocked a bunch of trees down, no one was hurt.

Well it's funny but I do like it when I can post about the more routine aspects of life instead of the hardcore business end of staying in recovery , dealing with PTSD and the aftermath of rape. But I have some things going that will certainly generate more of those types of posts.

As i have mentioned, I have sort of an identity crisis always going on here at Shell Shock Serenade because I post on such a wide variety of things and several of thing are quite hard hitting and not really general information type topics for the average blog reader looking for a wise-ass take on being a waiter or an unemployed writer. I love that stuff too...I'm just not them...this is what I have to offer so i stick with it.

So instead of starting different blogs for the different topics (say a sports blog) I often will mention it here and it throws folks off.
But i am representing a person in recovery's day to day life and I (and other addicts/alcoholics) happen to love baseball, it is what it is....

I'll post more later but hey, I am still (now desperately) looking for the child of an alcoholic/addict to do a guest post here. It can be anonymous or not but I feel it is really important to establish and represent THAT side of addiction so please consider emailing me and we can chat: