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Friday, February 4, 2011


Ever get a day or even a hour where you just couldn't give a rat's ass about anything? Yea?! Me too, like right now. I sometimes get sick of myself and all this nice rubbish about doing nice crap for people all the time. Ach, I want to puke sometimes just thinking about it. The last thing I want to hear is another nut job like myself whining about some sh*t they can't do anything about...

I get frustrated because as well as things have gone lately, they get kind of tiresome at times but there doesn't seem to be a lot I can do about it now, is there? Hmmm, except, perhaps..VOMIT.

That's right, I can in Emotional Vomiting or a nicer way to say it I suppose is venting. I like EMO-VOMITING better, haha.

I can't stand unruly kids, especially in public place like a grocery or department store. That's why I can't stand going to freaking Walmart because it is the worst place on the planet for Kids running amok and their lazy ass parents standing around chewing on a f**king doughnut or something, as if they can't hear their little brat screaming and running up and down the isles. It blows my mind that some of these people are even able to have children....

And I really LOVE parents that yell and scream at their children in the store or at a restaurant? Especially those really sweet parents that tell their kids that their stupid or dumb, boy that's intelligent. One of my best friends on the planet was raised in a family (mostly by her mother and sister) and basically they told her every day of her life she was dumb, that she was stupid and couldn't do anything right. I've never seen such a wonderful person who was as emotionally damaged as she was when we met. It's taken her 5 years of positive reinforcement to build some confidence in herself. It breaks my heart....Well I raised two kids and yea, I got upset and frustrated with them but you find a positive way to deal with it. A parent just CANNOT take their anger/frustration out on their child, you just CAN'T...

Other things I dislike are:

Left Hand Louie's...yep THOSE idiots that can't seem to get it through their thick skull that the left lane on the Interstate is called the PASSING LANE. Pass to the left, cruise to the right. Perhaps the problem is they can't read or don't know their left from their right...I don't know, still drives me crazy.

I've already dedicated a whole post to this recently but poor customer service really grinds my ass. People who are trying to SELL ME SOMETHING that could care less it seems if I'm even there. Then they get huffy if you don't buy something from them, huh?! Give me a break....

Sorry girls and guys alike that wear too much fragrance...Holy Smokes talk about wanting to puke! I know I'm a bit over sensitive to it but the way I understood perfume or cologne was you were suppose to dab it on not bath in the stuff. Jeez...

Last but certainly not least are people who cannot admit they made a mistake or say they are sorry. I've had several people in my life that were that way and frankly, I feel sorry for them. They just don't get it....and it can destroy relationships and it has in my life.

OK, I've vomited out some of the pet peeves I've had simmering inside for, well for ever I suppose. None of those was really new...

Now I can go back to that super understanding guy I aspire to be...and thank you for listening, er reading!


  1. I like the sound of that... emo-vomiting... the mental purge. To get the bitter, bile substances out of your whole system... brain and body.

  2. Dude, I used to work in men's fragrances at Nordstrom. I'm still traumatized. I call men who wear too much fragrance, "whoosh." And I CANNOT deal with musky old lady perfume. I swear, it never fails to find me every time I go grocery shopping. Even if said old lady is no longer in the aisle. The smell hangs around like a fart. It's offensive.