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Friday, October 21, 2011

As The Moment Flies By...

Typically when I write blog posts they come to me in two different ways...actually in one way which is stream of consciousness...But they come out two different ways, one fast and one more is the words are flowing out so fast that I cannot keep up and the other is still a stream of thought but it's more....coerced! I wonder if that makes any sense at me the difference is obviously quite noticeable.

The funny thing bout this is that this usually happens in other words the posts will just flow on their own for awhile until we hit a snag then they seem to bog down. Whether they just really flow or not doesn't seem to have a whole lot to do with the post itself. I would say the last week or so writing posts has been a struggle because they aren't just "writing themselves" like they sometimes do. No I agonize over each one and just like this one it is taking a while and I notice they just don't seem to be the best work.

I wonder if we are perhaps trying too hard to get everything down just right instead of just capturing the moment as it flies by...of course that is a heck of a lot easier said then done!!

After locating appropriate photos I'm beginning to think i conjured up this whole freaking post idea just so I could post more eagle in flight pics! There are few things in the natural world that stoke my fire like eagles in majestic and precise, focused and intense...An American Bald Eagle is almost machine-like it it's function but it is too much of an artist to be man-made...

Anyway...the truth is I'm getting a bit frustrated with my writing the last couple of hasn't been my best and it has been a struggle to spit it out to boot! More often then not, writing for me is fun...when it's not something is typically going or has already GONE wrong. I'm not sure right now though there is some stuff going on in my life that is difficult but usually that FUELS my posts and makes it easier to write...not more difficult.

oh well...the shower beckons...i guess I can ponder these deep questions under the water, eh!?

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