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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today, Health is The ISSUE!

This, I fear is not going to be a very dynamic, interesting or exciting post. Nope...just a nuts and bolts explanation of how I feel this morning and why...I really only mention it because my health is becoming more of an issue again then I want it to be. Yes, I accept that my health is always going to be a challenge. My back, feet, shoulder and knees are so permanently damaged broken/cracked bone, ruptured disks and severe nerve damage that ongoing treatment, medication and surgery will be a factor for me for the rest of my life and I just have to live with that. And I have accepted it..I really have.

But it's this everyday flu/cold stuff that is what gets really frustrating because I seem more susceptible to it then I used to but there could be many reasons for that...I'm not exactly sure but I think this must be the 4th day in a row that I have been sick, really sick and the prospects for recovery do not seem any better this morning then they did yesterday. I keep thinking it is going to run it's course and for a while it seems like that is happening yet one day stretches into two, two stretches into three and so on. I may have to face the prospect today of going in to see my doctor yet I really would like to avoid that if possible. Usually when i do go they just tell me it will run it's course and don't even prescribe anything so it's a wasted trip. 

Because of this illness...I have to miss going into to the nursing home today for one of my regular activities because they really can't have anyone bringing any kind of it the flu or even a cold into that place. A couple of the ladies I regularly see are 100 and 101 years old and a third is 98 so they are really vulnerable at that age to illness. 

Oh well...I just have to accept that this is the way it is right now. I need to try and rest...I haven't really slept more then 30 minutes at a stretch, perhaps 2 hours a day total for almost a week now and I'm exhausted. I really am not sure what's happening with is not a typical pattern for me, healthy or ill.     

So rest is the order of the day...that and posting articles   here, haha. So stay tuned and hey...thanks for  bearing with me!   

(Painting by Edouard Manet)                                 

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