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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

QUITTING Is But A Beginning...

I launched in to this "Nuts & Bolts" Series (that is what I'm calling it now because sounds so powerful and professional!) like I usually do here on the blog by just writing a post, out of the blue then building on top of it. Keeping the whole thing together, seamless and coherent is challenging my skill set at writing. It truly is pushing me, probably to a point where I might be over my head. Perhaps not but I think it is important to keep trying, keep pushing and keep writing!

I like how these topics have come up very naturally and they do have a natural connection to each other. I have been working at my recovery for over 5 years. In some areas, there has been great improvement and it came fairly quickly and without much pain. Then there are other areas, like Humility and Trust which I just posted on that are still important, "FRONT LINE" type issues right now.

I think it is truly important to show all sides of this demonstrate that it truly is a process and that there is an element of it that is constantly "ongoing". That is just a fact of life...and another critical element is to dispel the myth that recovery is just about "QUITTING" and nothing else. Quitting, as I have stated several times is but a BEGINNING of the journey. It is essential to understand this and follow through...the wreckage of the past must be reconciled, complete with amends being made, etc.

A new life must be developed and maintained, based on principles of service to others and a belief in a higher power, for me that's God...a spiritual life where I do not run the show is the only thing that has worked for me. God's in charge, I FOLLOW...Now you can feel free to do it your way...but isn't " Running the show" what got you and I into the sh*t in the first place though!? I'm just saying....

There are a whole slew of things that then go along with making this change. I can't even begin to describe what it's like to not be controlled by drink or drugs. What a relief...what freedom this new life as given is impossible to truly give it justice.

So I would imagine, dear reader that you can expect more of these N&B (Nuts & Bolts) Posts in the immediate future. I have to admit that they have not only been interesting for me to write but kind of fun too. Which is sort of surprising because there have been some tough subject matter to deal with. But I'll take whatever comes...the point is that I am still learning, still growing  and discovering what works for me and what doesn't...

OK...I think I can safety say: GOODNIGHT!!!!

(Painting by Vincent Van Gogh)