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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blowing Sunshine Out The Backside...

What a cold, wet and windy mess of a day today. But the sun is shining in my heart. Honestly I'm not making that up and believe me I found strange writing it because that certainly is NOT a typical statement or point of view for me...the cynic, skeptic REALIST. "Ain't no sun shining in this BLACK Heart 'O Mine, Babe....". I would have shivered at the prospect of acting!

I am still processing the whole forgiveness/forgiving thing and I imagine there is another post on the subject waiting to be heard...but that will be later. 

I'm off to town so all the regular readers are getting off easy this morning with a super short post. What can I say...I got busy this morning and honestly there just wasn't a post waiting there today and I won't force it, if I can help it.

OK, here's Blowing Some Sunshine At You Kids....

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