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Monday, October 31, 2011

The ZOMBIE Writes At Dawn...

I am having a hard time getting any sleep at all during the night. I can usually nap for an hour or so during the day but that's usually it: an hour of sleep each day is about all  I'm getting and even for me, a guy who needs but little sleep, that isn't nearly enough. So I am really beginning to really feel it...I'm getting ragged around the edges, I'm just not sharp, I do not feel good...and I am quite tired all the time. And this is really starting to affect me negatively, especially when I am reading out loud to groups of people at the nursing home or at church for an hour each week. This past Saturday morning I actually lost my place completely as I was reading...I had to stop and ask where I was! There are two woman over 100 yrs old and another at 98, the rest in their mid to late 80's and they knew where we were in the verse! So they graciously reminded me where I was...I'm 50 and already losing my mind!

This makes me particularly nervous because tomorrow we start our new "Bible Listening Ministry" where we (in this case, just me at the moment) read from scripture for an hour out loud and that's it...there is no pressure on folks to read or pray or ask questions though we can certainly do so if the group chooses to...the whole premise of this ministry is to  just present the Word as it, openly with no strings attached. God can most certainly speak for Himself...So naturally I am just a tad uncomfortable with the notion of starting this whole thing only to end up falling asleep mid sentence through the Gospel of Luke!

Actually I think things will work out just the way they are supposed to and I have lived long enough to know that it makes little sense and achieves even less to fret about it...just press forward and do your best. I'm not sure who first gave me that father more then likely but that philosophy has served me well for many, many years.      

So I suppose I should look at this whole troubling lack of sleep thing perhaps in exactly  the same  way. I have done every logical thing I can  do to rectify the situation to no avail so I'll keep pressing forward all the while doing the best I can to live my life. The chips will then freaking fall where they may...

It should be interesting always is when I try to accept things in life the way they are and not try and change or manipulate them to serve my own selfish purposes. Well I should have another post or two later on today as long as I don't slip into an exhausted coma and never snap out of it. Anyway...I already feel like a walking ZOMBIE this morning which does seem  interesting now considering it IS Halloween!!

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