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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Favorite Poem to Introduce The Day

Today is the last Saturday in October...cold,damp. It has been an uncharacteristic Autumn for us around here...September, typically an extension of summer for the most part was rained out and cool. Earlier this month, we had beautiful Fall foliage and we still have color since half the leaves still remain and seem reluctant to accept their destiny.

Last November 16th, I posted one of my favorite poems by Maya Angelo called Late October. I figured it worthwhile to share it again today:

Late October By Maya Angelo

the leaves of autumn
sprinkle down the tinny
sound of little dyings
and skies sated
of ruddy sunsets
of roseate dawns
roil ceaselessly in
cobweb greys and turn
black for comfort.

Only lovers
see the fall
a signal end to endings
a gruffish gesture alerting
those who will not be alarmed
that we begin to stop
in order simply
to begin

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