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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Over-React, Panic or FREAK!

It sure doesn't take long for the exhaustion to set has been a long day and I feel every second of it coursing through my veins right this very minute. I am totally played out physically and emotionally...the ice appears to be getting rather thin...Life has gotten a bit more rough and tumble the last couple of days...not sure that really means anything other then it is what it is.

Once in awhile, I get where I feel totally exhausted yet at the same time I feel wound up tight inside, on edge and full of nervous energy even though I'm still really tired. I'm restless, fidgety and easily annoyed...mostly at myself. 

I don't like myself much at times like this...there isn't a whole lot of serenity going around at the moment...that's for darn sure! Yet there is still a peace, deep, deep down that is different from how I used to feel before.
I'm guessing that all this is just another bump in the road type thing and as suddenly as it all will just as quickly fade away. I see no need to over-react or panic or freak...(all might have been possible reactions to this type of mood in the not so distant past) nope, I think we just need to keep plugging away and things, much like the planet we all live on...will turn!

Of course a couple hours of sleep would be nice....

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