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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The "Free" Fall

I cannot remember a Fall where the leaves started coming down so suddenly. Five days ago, there was a trickle of leaves falling to the ground. We had a fair amount so I blew off the drive, blew out the gardens and the deck then my father mowed w/the bagger on the lawn tractor to vacuum them up. That was late Thursday morning. 

By Thursday at 5p you couldn't tell we'd done a thing...the yard was COVERED. The leaves have been coming down at an incredible rate and it was kinda of cool at first but it's starting to get a bit overwhelming. Like it's impossible to keep up...

I am starting to feel the same way about posting about my divorce and the impact that experience has had on me. So many thoughts and feelings have been pouring in that it is a bit overwhelming.

I really felt like the time had come to drag these pent up emotions out into the light and now I'm wondering....I suppose it isn't unusual to second guess yourself, that's pretty normal.

But K-Sue seems threatened by anything to do with that relationship and I am reluctant to force it if it hurts her spite of the fact that it is really impacting me negatively by letting it fester as I continue to hold it all in. Ach...