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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overly Eager Beaver

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be pushing a wee bit too hard in the passion department when it comes to taking on new responsibility and new ministry. I suppose the over eagerness is not necessarily a bad thing but it's more then likely is too raw, uncontrolled and needs to be scaled back some. I have a great group of fellow church members and Mentors that are counselling me in this area, but often

I think when you get to be my age (pushing 50) and you have had the experiences that I've had you realize that life is finite...fleeting even. There is also a very natural inclination to want to make up for lost time. And I do feel that way. It feels so good to have a positive thread running through your life and there is a fear or hesitation that if I stop pushing then somehow that "poisitive' thing that has been happening will go away. 

So I do have to measure my commitments very carefully. I do want to do His will and not tun rampant for my own sake. I realize I haven't always been the best at taking direction or listen to others. So it is and always will be I suppose a delicate balance between what can actually be done and what we want to be able to do. I realize that I just have never been good at being patient and accepting things in "Gods Time" I guess this is as good a place as START.

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