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Sunday, October 9, 2011

In My Beautiful Balloon...

Can you ever go home again? Good question..right? And I don't know the answer but I am going back to the scene of the crime...that used to be my home and in a lot of ways still feels like it is. 

I don't know what I am thinking writing about travelling back to Holland tomorrow but a little piece of me always feels some element of fear going there. Yet I am excited too. I kinda wish that every little thing I did these days wasn't necessarily fodder for the dang blog. I go to Holland and it's traumatic ENOUGH that I write about it?! Seems a tad pathetic...yet it is what it is. 

It has been a long enough healing process for me that I have learned not to mess around with it. Even though it can seem like an over-reaction at times...I don't ever want to relapse and go back to that kind of life. I would rather take it too seriously then risk throwing it all away by not taking it seriously enough.

So I'm heading north tomorrow for a couple of days. My son's birthday is Wednesday so I'm hoping we might be able to hook up but as always we are struggling to coordinate. he is extremely busy...he works full time and goes to school nearly full time. 

I'm stoked because I will get to see him at least a bit and spend some QT (quality time) with Kim plus get some SKILES Pizza. So "bags are packed and I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, oh babe I hate to go...." Sorry I had to belt out a line of John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet plane"...I love that song!
So I included it here! Actually way back in the 1970's the 5th Dimension did a cover of this song that my dad had on an 8 Track Tape! Yep...8 Track!!! Now that I think about it the song was called "Up Up and Away" in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon....

Whoa do those songs take me back...YIKES, kinda scary going there too, hahaha!

Alright, I'm kinda messing around tonight and I got some calls I have to make so we are gonna shut this thing down for the night...