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Monday, October 10, 2011

It Ain't Heavy...

Another Pre-B.C.O.D. post...I'm kind of getting used to it. I often will have the TV on in my room/apartment/office/Bat Cave/Sanctuary/Padded Cell, etc and I noticed that ESPN is running a replay of the Purdue-Minnesota game from Saturday. Typically that would be a lousy way to start one's day but they looked very, very good Saturday...albeit against a very poor team but a Big Ten Team none the less.

I can't conceal it...I'm pretty excited about visiting Holland for a couple of days. But it does feel a bit odd though. Once up on a time...I travelled a lot. At times almost the very least to a Purdue Football or Basketball game when I had season tickets to both. Plus regular trips to Worthington, OH (where I grew up) and here at the Lake to visit family, trips to our property in Lake City MI and and in frequent, planned vacations I was always packing to head off some where. It was normal and I was used to it.

It doesn't seem so normal now and in fact I feel slightly hesitant, almost unsure of myself. I'm sure that has as much to do with habit and just being used to getting up and going somewhere as anything else. But it has been a long time...

Another interesting thing that happens to me is when I get there, I usually snap into my "regular" shop, read the Holland Newspaper, walks at the State park or down town, familiar restaurants, etc. It is almost like I never left and I love that feeling...

I packed my camera and was thinking I'd like to post photos while I am there but I get so wrapped up in enjoying myself that I never get around to it! 

The funny thing though about returning to Holland with all it's memories...good, bad and indifferent is I used to feel really burdened by the experience. It was like I had to shoulder the full weight of all those experiences,  bad times and hurtful memories each time I visited. Thankfully I no longer feel that way.

No I feel a fun sense of anticipation with just a tad of hesitation, that's all. It is sort of normal to want to move back though when I visit. The city has a lot of stuff to do outside, culturally , great restaurant and coffee shops...unfortunately the area I live in now has nothing like it and I really miss that. 

But I definately feel that my place, really "our place" is here in the Coldwater area. But only time will tell.

So I'm posts will be from Holland...have a great start to your day.

Oh, for anyone who may be wondering...BCOD means Butt Crack Of Dawn...It is an old drinking days expression not to flattering of getting up really early!

(Painting by Winslow Homer)