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Sunday, October 23, 2011

When You Have To Go...GO!

Sunday Shell Shock Serenade the toilet!

There are few things physically I like less then throwing up. And this guessed it...I am throwing up...and when I'm not I am so nauseous that the room is, I don't feel so hot. The last two days I have had a fever, cough and felt achy all over. Now this....I really think it's the aspirin, vitamin C and Zicom stuff that is upsetting my stomach. But I am not about to leave this house for church when I feel this sick to my stomach.

Why do I bother even trying to go to church? It's not like I haven't done church and spiritual stuff all week including bible reading ministry Wednesday, Friday and would be easy to just get undressed, go back to bed and rest. I can't explain but I really like to go and it means so much to me. I figure I can always turn back and head home if I get to ill.

So off I go this morning and if I survive, hehe...i'll post something later...

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