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Sunday, February 6, 2011

(BLUE) Jean Genie

Blue Jeans...I love blue jeans, ah,jeans really, denim but it's probably more accurate if I say blue jeans because it's basically the only color of jeans I wear. Oh, I have black jeans and I have nothing against them or the color...I wear black all the time. No black jeans just never FELT right. Not sure they just didn't...

And how clothes FEEL, for me anyway is everything. I don't know if that's something that's just particular to me or if most folks are this way. But feel comes before looks when it comes to what I wear every time. I just can't sacrifice "the feel" for the way clothes look, nope it drives me crazy when I try.

And don't confuse FEEL for comfort...I suppose comfort is a part of it but not all of it. I'm getting a tad wacky here, I know but hey, this is me and since this blog is basically about good 'ole me, well that's what your gonna get here on Shell Shock... 

And if you, dear reader can't already tell, I'm pretty much a Levi's guy, 501's, Boot Cut, Straight Leg...that's pretty much me. I stay away from relaxed fit because with my unusual shape, they end up really baggy in the butt side and "sagging" isn't really my style.

So where did I get on this blue jean JAG this morning? Haha, I wear 'em to church! How cool is that? So I was looking at my jeans and "poof" the light bulb goes on for a blog post.

As Paul Harvey used to say: Now you know the rest of the story....


  1. I am also a lover of blue jeans, but they have to be a dark blue not a light blue coloured really.

  2. enjoy a few pairs of my denim - i like to mix it up from time to time with the color - have a few pairs of gray denim and some corduroys as well.

    problem is, my thighs/quads are athletic, so the jeans all these companies make now are too damn tight on me - they cater to the slim-jean freaks

  3. Yea Ryan, wouldn't it bee Bad Ass if they'd take your measurements and WHAM, they hammer out a pair of jeans the FIT. Made to order jeans that are affordable, HMMM...a business idea perhaps?

  4. I used to wear nice JCrew trousers to work before Roman died. Almost immediately after, I started wearing jeans. Not just because they stretch and forgive my added bereavement weight, but because I seemed to feel less like climbing out of my skin when I started wearing them. Some administrators dont like it, but ooooh well. They can suck it. If getting through the day is even slightly easier in jeans, then I'm wearing jeans.

  5. Sunny-Ahh, JCrew...basically the only t-shirts I'll wear (there's that "FEEL" thing again!).

    I know you are commenting here about your personal feelings about jeans but I think certain tight ass admin. folks should realize the benefit the job gets from a workers comfort level: So I couldn't agree more about "feeling less like climbing out of my skin", well how critical is that, really to do one's BEST work?! In the office furniture industry we always talked about ergonomics/comfort zones...I contend that the clothing we wear is just as important as the chair we sit in or the work station where we work to an employee doing their best at their job. So the tight asses can indeed suck it!